Central Park Entry Refurbishment

Central Park Entry Refurbishment 2019-09-20T08:19:57+00:00

Project Description

Design3 have been engaged by the main glazing contractor to produce a full set of glazing shop drawings for the curtain wall refurbishment at Central Park, comprising of storey height curtain walls, main lobby entrance auto doors, airlocks and café area glazing replacement.

This project was challenging as all of the documentation and design had to suit the existing “As Built” conditions, as only partial demolition of the existing façade had occurred.

Design3’s sister company AtelierJV were engaged to complete all of the façade engineering. The coordination of the engineering design and documentation benefited from AtelierJV and Design3 being co-located in the same office. This synergy between the two companies increased the efficiency of the project for our client Cooling Brothers.

Construction cost: $15M

Completion: 2019